MEGA Doll Exhibit @ Dubai Mall


Art has always been a way of projecting one’s imagination. The tools used to express that imagination can be limitless.

MEGA dolls are starting to gain a lot of awareness in Dubai. These blank dolls can be used in a variety ways to convey many themes and emotion. Mohammed “Moe” Abedin, the man behind the project and exhibit,  encouraged other artists to follow suite and let their creativity flow on this inspiring new canvas. The idea behind the exhibit was to bring together a variety of passionate artists together and let their ideas be conveyed on a singular object–the object being a MEGA doll.The results turned out be very interesting and showed off a lot of eye candy.

We decided to interview some of the artists and asked what they really thought of their creation.

Deema Hatahet’s “Dark Side of The Moon” doll really caught our attention. Rather than focusing on one side, she focused on two and made sure that both complemented each other while at the same time making them seem completely different.

The good side (light) features land animals because they’re under sun…

…while the bad side (dark) have sea creatures that are underwater since the sun reach doesn’t reach those depths

Very interesting concept, Deema. I have to say I’m a big sucker when it comes to yin & yang, good & evil, light & dark concepts.

Our next highlight is from Rachel Hardy’s Angelo.

Rachel is a 14 year old student studying at the Dubai British School. Despite her age, she managed to create a very detailed gargoyle design–I mean these are the kinda things we see in movie props.

The gargoyle was a subject in our art class and when Moe (Mohammed Abedin) approached our school we all decided to follow the gargoyle theme. I ended up being selected for having the best Gargoyle MEGA doll in class

Rachel has been developing  a passion towards art thanks to her grandparents. At the age of 10 she began using play-doe and later on began sketching and doing more serious sculpting.

Her passion towards art is mostly related to dark/comedic designs (similar to what we see in a Tim Burton film).

I love gargoyles!

You know what I also love, Rachel? Sleeping with the lights off, but I don’t think that’s gonna be happening anytime soon…

These MEGA dolls are definitely off to a great start. I remember seeing some of them at ME Comic Con and I believe they will evolve beyond a short time fad. Not because its a product that you buy and keep, but one that you share and express.

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