Macross 30th Anniversary box set will have you Grin in Envy

Macross anniversary pack

In the wonderful land of all things wonderful, Japan will be receiving the Macross 30th Anniversary box set. The set will include the following delights:

  • Macross: Do you remember love? in glorious HD Bluray
  • Marcorss Flash Back 2012 also in Bluray
  • The latest PS3 Macross game that we will never ever see
  • A free downloadable coupon for Macross: Do you remember love? PSOne classic
  • A documentary about Macross and why it’s so bloody awesome
  • A bunch of posters including ones of Lynn Minmay to completely gawk at

The pack will most likely never come over here due to on going legal battles. Harmony Gold, the culprit behind most of the lawsuits, have gone as far as to block official merchandise from leaving the shores of Japan.

My anger cannot be described by words alone

To hell with these guys. Harmony Gold may be the ones that started my love affair with the series, but they have gone too far with damaging its reputation. What’s more insulting is their sheer arrogance to do anything with the series. Oh, so you made one movie in like what? 20 years? And that was 4 years ago. International Macross fans demand more!

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