LiveGamingBH’s FIFA13 tournament


Only three weeks after the official launch of FIFA13, LiveGamingBH organized a FIFA13 tournament of which the 1st prize is BD200 (around $530.50, give or a take a quarter) and 20 hours of free play.

Unsurprisingly, there was a huge amount of people wanting to register for the competition. However, only 64 lucky people got to join in. The system of the tournament was as follows: 64 players split into 16 groups (4 players each). Best two teams of each group qualify to the knockout stage of 32 players. Each match was 6 minutes a half full of entertainment and tension!

The winner of the FIFA13 tournament was Mohammed Al-Bastaki, who happens to be ranked 20th in the FIFA13 worldwide leader boards. Think you can be the next winner? Then follow @Livegamingbh to know when the next tournament is going to be.


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