Knights of The Old Republic 2 Finally Fixed Plus Bonus Content


Star wars: KOTOR 2 is debated by many as the black sheep of the Knights of The Republic franchise. It’s mainly criticized for its poor passing, and glitchy gameplay. However, those who chose to ignore these issues can find a very deep and enthralling adventure into the Star Wars mythos–in other words it’s the Majoras Mask of Star Wars games.

It seems now these issues will finally be corrected and more. A new fan made mod has been released that fixes all the primary bugs as well as include delete scenes that were missing from the final product. These deleted scenes were actually hidden in the game but were left out due to time constraints.

This is great news for fans of the series as well newcomers who wish to experience this classic gem.

Click here to download the mod
The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod
Rock, Paper Shotgun via NeoGaf


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