Keiji Inafune Shows Love & Support For Mega Man Legends Fanbase


Inafune, the father of Mega Man, recently attended  the Japan Expo 2012  in Paris to sign off autographs and take pictures with the local fans. Among them was Ancode,  who flew all the way from Spain to meet the legendary game developer in person. Knowing that this will be his first time meeting him, Ancode had to present a gift–one that I am sure many Mega Man Legends fans will appreciate.

The Legend

Ancode also happens to be a hardcore Mega Man Legends fan and a strong supporter of  the 100’000 Strong for Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3. It seems that he really wanted to surprise Keiji by making a custom made shirt with fan page logo on the front. Needless to say he wore it proudly and wanted to show full support for the Mega Man Legends fanbase–which is the first time he has done it so openly in public. Later on, Keiji approach the Legends fan in private to give him a reward for his hard work.


Make sure to read the full report here.

Even after a year since Mega Man Legends 3’s cancellation, it’s still nice to see the fanbase so optimistic. They may not be getting a revival anytime soon, but gamers and game developers alike (including Capcom) have to at least recognize and respect such strong community.

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