It’s Time To Smell Mega Man With This Power-Up Scent Blaster

mega man_smell

Ever wondered what Mega Man smells like? Well I always imagined a sweaty mechanic scent (all that armor, bro). But now the truth will finally be unveiled with Scent Blasters featuring both Mega Man and Proto Man.

Epic Scents have unveiled the new fragrance along with a sweepstakes that could nab you an iPad, D-Arts Mega Man Figure (plus air fresheners), or the just the air fresheners themselves. More info on that can be found here.

Now comes the best part; the Scent Blaster description. Mega Man or “Cool Rush” scent has an “invigorating blend of fresh and dewey top notes, with a deep masculine background”. Proto Man has a “spicy fragrance” with an “apple-cinnamon scent”–cause nothing says red more than apple and cinnamon.

Sarcasm aside, I find this really interesting. I mean have you ever wondered what other videogame characters smell like? I bet you anything Alucard has the scent of misty berries.

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