Guild Wars 2 Midnight Launch @ Geekay (Dubai)


Today was the launch date of one of the most anticipated MMO’s of the year Guild Wars 2. Our friends at IGN-ME notified us about the launch event that took place at Geekay where they celebrated with cupcakes! Sadly we were unable to attend the event, but hey, that won’t stop of us from giving you a gist of what happened 😉

Dedicated fans in queue for the launch, Image courtesy of The Region 2 Show

If you’re a fan of the old Guild Wars then you would probably be really be crazy about getting this game… I know I am. A whole new world, new battle systems, improved graphics…why am I not playing it right now?! (Must resist clicking Guild Wars 2 shortcut…and finish post)

I personally have tried the beta and during the time I was playing the game I have become addicted to my Engineer class type character. The more I played the more I wanted to explore that world and try different quests. Initiating new quest events was my favorite  thing about Guild Wars 2, just by walking around the world you will have the opportunity to be part of an event quest. You take part from anything to being the hero and saving a villages from bandits to becoming an assassin killing off targets–the variety is crazy.

The IGN ME team showing some love for Guild Wars 2 , Image courtesy of The Region 2 Show

Here’s hoping you managed to grab a copy, if so you’re probably playing the game right now and not reading this 🙁 So yeah, if you’re an MMO fan this is the game for you–I think we’ve established that quite well. If you wish to share any of your Guild Wars 2 experiences then let us know in the comments or via our social media outlets.

Make sure to head over here to see more pics of the launch event courtesy of The Region2 Show.
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