Good Save Sony!


After a great while of what seemed to be an epic fail on Sony’s part, they come with a lovely save that may win back the sentiment of the consumers… Well I should say THREE saves.


First: Sony BLATANTLY states that they would not be introducing any policy that gets in the way of our sharing and selling used games like Microsoft did… I think they have been saving that just in case they faced the situation they faced today (being overshadowed by Microsoft). I have to say though… Saving it was a smart move as it came in handy. Hearing the crowd cheer as that was announced was probably one of the most impressive crowd reactions this E3. Seriously they kept rubbing it in… I really hope this pays off for them so that Microsoft learns not to mess with the consumers (As I am still also a consumer despite my other role in this industry.)


Second: Destiny. Enough said… Ok well I still want to say the rest so shut up and read! Graphically the game is astounding. The world is immerse and allows for seamless multiplier integration. To summarize the gameplay though, It seemed like a Halo meets Borderlands at first, but had some MMO features which I noticed the moment they encountered a group instance that required the team to take on a huge robotic vehicle. Honestly this game is EPIC. I am already looking forward to getting it.


Third: XBOX ONE costs $499? Well Play Station 4 is $399. ’nuff Said.

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