Gaikai’s cloud based gaming service to land on LG and Samsung TVs, out to take on your consoles


When this news poped up on Engadget, the shocker for me was that even though Gaikai was acquired by Sony, it seems that Samsung and LG will be receiving this service.

Cloud based gaming services eliminate the need for a console by connecting you through the internet to gaming servers that will steam gameplay to you. This makes the once off cost of a console much lower, but introduces issues such as lag and video artifacts in your gameplay. Still, this is the future of gaming once the connectivity to homes is improved. With cloud based services, there is no need for game updates, local storage, installs or specific hardware. This means you can play the latest and best of graphics on your Ipad or even Galaxy Note, which you can try out today on Gaikai or OnLive’s websites.

Check out the Samsung Beta in the video below:



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