Gaikai, social network and the PS4


Sony announced that PlayStation 4 will be using Gaikai to stream games via the cloud. We had mentioned earlier that Sony had bought the technology for around $380 million. This goes to show how much Sony believes that backwards-compatibility is essential. With Gaikai, you can also try out the full version of the game before buying it, or as Sony likes to describe it: “Buy what you love!”


Integrating with social network seems like the perfect getaway for most problems, and to new creative ideas! With the PlayStation 4, you can help out a friend whose stuck in a certain level by jumping into the game and “taking over the control.” I personally liked the idea. I find it being out-of-the-box and I most certainly appreciate that.

On a thought, this looks like a brilliant way to try out your friend’s games and see which you like and enjoy. Perhaps even the remote borrowing of games?

The PS4 will also support remote play where you can use your PS Vita to view your PS4 games. A good way to keep the Vita going, eh?

Gaikai has also been in talks with with several groups like Netflix to expand upon the living room experience and convert the PS4 into the living room multimedia unit of choice.

This however has been a source of concern to some gamers who have been worried that this focus on soft-core entertainment shifts away the focus from producing quality AAA games. Is that a real concern? Perhaps, but we will have to see with the introduction of the new console generation.

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