EA Will Never Greenlight A Game Without An Online Component


EA certainly knows how to start the day. Frank Gibeau, EA President, has stated that he will refuse to greenlight a game unless it has some online component. Needless to say the Internet went on fire and started accusing the man for promoting tacky online multiplayer components to single player games. Games like Dead Space 2 and Mass Effect 3, in a sense, were kinda “forced” to have an online multiplayer in order to be fully greenlit.

After the man received some serious backlashing–or what I presume to be death threats—he reiterated by saying that adding a social component doesn’t necessarily mean online multiplayer.

Let me clarify,” Gibeau began. “What I said was [about not greenlighting] anything that [doesn’t have] an online service. You can have a very deep single-player game but it has to have an ongoing content plan for keeping customers engaged beyond what’s on the initial disc. I’m not saying deathmatch must come to Mirror’s Edge.

The question is what defines ongoing content? DLC? Subscription fees? Microtransactions? FACEBOOK?! Because I remember Mirror’s Edge having an online leader board system where people can compete in time trials. That was okay. But if you expect to buy in to this “games need to be online component to be good crap” then I think EA is missing the point completely. Games such as Wind Waker, Final Fantasy 7, Silent Hill 3 are all emaculent because of their rich single player experience. Even this gen we got to see Skyrim which, besides DLC, is still a fun experience that doesn’t require any online social experience.

The way I see a single player game is like a decent meal: you eat it, enjoy it, and maybe come back. Multiplayer games are like buffets: too much food and at end of the day you feel bloated. Each one has its own satisfaction and if you end up combining the two you’ll feel sick at the end of the day. Perfect example is Dead Space 2, which I never to played online because of how satisfied I was with the single player mode. I really didn’t care about anything else.

The game experience is built on the player and is something that shouldn’t be forced upon. Let’s hope EA gets that message straight.

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