EA casually makes mention of a new Dead Space

Dead Space (Image by forte_girl7)

Dead Space 3 has had a horde of rumors and sightings running in the wild, causing all sorts of speculations on the next installment and it’s due release. EA has recently made mention of a new Dead Space game when discussing it’s last financial year.  According to an EA spokesman contacted by GameInformer, EA is set to announce more details regarding the game in E3. The next Dead Space game is set to release in the next 10 months, but no other details were provided and this means the game at this point could well be a sequel, prequel or a spin-off of the series. This next installment comes as no surprise given the commercial success of Dead Space 2.

So…who’s ready for more necromorphs, mining tools turned into weapons and telekinetic powers?

In the mean time, check out my uber pc rig of doom running an action oriented sequence from Dead Space 2. The twist here is that it’s running on 3 screens to expand your field of view in PC games (Eyefinity), I’ll be sure to explain how to do this in another post!



Game Informer

Image courtesy of: forte-girl7


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3 Comments on "EA casually makes mention of a new Dead Space"

  1. The Arab Gamer May 9, 2012 at 2:53 PM - Reply

    I heard the game will implement CO-OP. I seriously hope it doesn’t end up becoming another RE5…

  2. BloodDuD June 6, 2012 at 4:49 PM - Reply

    Its ‘Dead’ in my eyes…