E3 2014: Kyogre is an alcoholic and Groudon has back problems…

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The long awaited remakes have made their first gameplay appearances, showing us our childhood in 3D. But rather than just tell you what you just probably saw, I’ll break things down a bit.


  • The game seems to be running on the X and Y engine
  • As much as I stare as the gameplay I can’t find any major graphical changes (in terms of textures and models)
  • One improvement seems to be much better looking battle environments
  • The overworld on the other hand seems to be much more simplified (as the original games looked compared to X and Y), giving it a pleasant and simple look
  • Some of the gyms also had some nice environmental and lighting effects
  • The game still has a nice colorful pop to it


  • The mega starters have been shown-off as we have seen in those pictures circulating the net
  • Mega Groudon and Mega Kyogre, surprisingly enough were on the covers of the game all along! They basically have different outlines on there bodies with slightly modified features.

For some reason I imagined mega Groudon to be a behemoth dinosaur but he kinda just stops slouching and stands taller. Kyogre on the other hand must of had a few drinks before showing up to the trailer, he has some nasty blood shot eyes. I find it really interesting that it doesn’t really seem like a Mega Evolution but rather something else, perhaps we will get more insight on the matter as the game reaches its release date.


  • For the most part the game also seems to run like X and Y, down to the less confined roaming and battle sequences
  • Mega evolution is now part of the game, but no word on how? Although one character talks about it to the protagonist and states “Mega Evolution is a phenomenon that has long been shrouded in mystery”
  •  it’s noteworthy to mention that the mega evolution for Kyogre and Groudon looks different than the regular one

Looking further into this I stumbled upon what seems to be leaked images showing off the Mega Evolution status logos being totally different than the normal ones! One is shaped as the Alpha symbol and the other as Omega. Groudon also looks different? whats going on here? Post your speculations in the comments because i’m as baffled as you are   I’m quite disappointed at the fact that no real refinement was made on the graphics. The trailer and box art states “Game in 2D. Some areas also playable in 3D” which also leads me to believe the 3D in the game will operate the same way X and Y did…Bummer Never the less, I Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are set to launch on November 21, 2014

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