E3 2014: FIFA15, Representing Football


Representing the beloved sport of many, many football fanatics around the world at E3 is FIFA15. The video shown gave a quick brief about the new features of the game, with an emphasis on how awesome football is throughout the video. Marketing? It sure worked on me.

The upcoming installment of FIFA introduces a new feature that allows the events of the match to affect on the footballers’ motives. That’s something PES have managed to accomplish last year, but let’s see how it’s going to look like in FIFA15.

There were more features that the video had gone through, including better physics, realistic tackles/shirt-pulling/man-to-man battles, and great representation of iconic stands of iconic stadiums, like The Kop of Anfield.

One thing that really interested me was FIFA’s next step at improving realism in the game. To actually leave marks on the pitch while running or sliding was quite an impressive thing! All in all, it left me wanting for more. All you FIFA fans should be prepared for a great experience.

Edit: Here’s the video

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