DMC Gameplay Impressions @ Games 12


Everybody knows that DMC is now being made by Ninja Theory and alot of people disliked the changes that they applied to their version of DMC, everybody knows that DMC is Devil May Cry and if someone says DMC you expect a fast paced hack’n’slash  game with a variety of selectable weapons and last but not least the Devil Trigger

but this is different, it might be slower, it might not have a large selection of weapons (or might actually who knows) but it’s fun to play and yes I still consider it Devil May Cry because I like to see changes in games. A different studio and a different director might actually give the players a chance to see different views in opinions and productions between the two companies.

since we all know how capcom made Devil May Cry a very amazing game, pretty much one of everyone’s favorites, it’s time to see what Ninja Theory has done.

DMC is actually pretty good in terms of gameplay and graphics. It is a bit slower than the previous installments of the franchise yet it still has some kicks & combos. You create your own combo from slashing, shooting, switching between both Angel & Demon form and using Devil Trigger, but incase you don’t already know what the Angel & Demon Forms are then please allow me to illuminate your path:

Angel Form And Demon Form both allow you to switch between 2 unique weapons and different actions and attacks. For example, when you switch to Demon form Dante will use an Axe instead of his sword, his attacks will change (obviously ..) and will give him  certain abilities that will be helpful through out his demon hunting. It also gives you the Demon Pull pull ability which basically allows you to pull demons or interactive objects towards you; very helpful if you want to do high hit combos.

The graphics is actually quite impressive and very detailed, the characters feel more life like and natural as opposed to the Japanesey (yes, I made that word up) look the previous installments had.

The bad thing about the game though are the controls, they’re kinda sluggish for a hack’n’slash but gamers can get used to it eventually.

The game is actually good, I liked it and here’s the thing for those hardcore DMC fans out there, if you don’t accept a change in a game you love then this isn’t for you but if you’re okay with trying something new then I say give it a shot.

Here is a video of WaSaBe trying out the game:



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