Developers Want Nintendo To Be More Open About Wii U Specs

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The BIG question: How powerful is the Wii U?

Ever since the system was announced, a lot of gamers have been debating whether or not this system can pack a punch or leave us hanging (power wise) like the Wii. Nintendo have yet to officially reveal the specs which have a lot of developers annoyed. One such developer was Haydn Dalton from Vigil Games (Darksiders) who just wishes the big N would be more open.

Do you wish Nintendo would just come out and say?

Haydn Dalton: “Oh, of course. Yeah. It’s awkward because when people ask questions about [Wii U] we’ve got to skirt around the answer. We obviously want them to come out with it because then we can just talk openly about the game. I’d rather just be open with people than spinning the answer back at somebody. As soon as they just come out and everything’s revealed it would take a little bit of weight off us as developers so we can be a little bit more open about the product.”

With the Tokyo Game Show coming up and Nintendo’s next big conference we can hopefully get a better understanding of the systems internals. I would honestly find it hilarious if the actual specs were revealed after launch by a YouTube user named Toolboy.

Source Via My Nintendo News

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