Black Ops 2 Multiplayer LOOKS GOOD

black ops 2_MP

Yes, I’m sick of shooters. Despite me being a huge fan of the genre, I can’t possibly stress how much I’m sick of seeing…oh, hello. What’s this?

That actually took me by surprise. When hearing the new MP trailer going live I was quick to assume it would be the regular thing, but after watching it I was really happy with what I saw. For one, the variety of weapons; also, the amount of mechs, guns, drones, and stuff that kept popping up were just ridiculous–next thing you know he’ll pull off a pair of scissors and still make it look bad-ass.

Regardless, I’m still not fully convinced. I played all of the C.O.D’s and after 3 I just can’t muster the will power to return. The only thing that has me going is the future warfare or “future-fare” aspect. If Treyarch can spin that well then I might consider Black Ops 2 a fresh new start to the franchise.

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