BFF! Agent 47, Adam Jensen, Rico Rodriguez show up in Sleeping Dogs (sort of)

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Just when you think zombies weren’t enough, Square Enix went ahead and did the unthinkable–even though it totally makes sense. It turns out Wei Shen is all budd-buddy with the Agent 47 (Hitman), Adam Jensen (Deus EX: HR), and Rico Rodriguez (Just Cause). Here’s me guessing they all met at a Hong Kong Disney Land ride.

Moving on…Sqaure Enix will be releasing a character pack that allows Wei Shen to change costume and adopt their personas.

The Square Enix Character Pack features three new outfits for Wei Shen and three new weapons from Square Enix’s Hitman, Just Cause and Deus Ex games.  Each outfit includes its own buff and signature weapon.

  • Agent 47’s suit grants you reduced attention from the police and comes with a silenced weapon.  Assassinate your enemies with stealth, Hitman style.
  • The Sarif Industries armor reduces gunfire damage by 33% and comes with a futuristic, fully automatic combat rifle.  This technology really is decades ahead of its time.
  • The Rico Rodriguez custom outfit allows you to hijack vehicles from a greater distance and comes with Rico’s signature pistol, which can fire explosive shells.  Liberate those drivers at high speed!

Square Enix will be releasing the pack on November 14th for all its supported platforms (Xbox 360, PS3, and Steam) with a price tag of  around 2 dollars.

Unlike most costume packs DLC this one seems very reasonable to me since I’m getting some gameplay tweaks with it. Can’t wait!

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