BeamNG is back with more amazing collision physics


mmmmm.. graphicssss…

BeamNG are the guys currently working on the vehicle simulation physics for the Cryengine 3, they have already showcased a trailer a while back and wowed us all.

This time around, it seems that they have sorted out alot of those minor collision detection glitches but are still working on things such as self collision (parts from one vehicle colliding with each other).

for you geeky gamers out there, here is what BeamNG is bringing to the table:

In detail, for the physics engine the following advancements are presented:

  • Parallel processing of the physics calculations on many CPUs. This permits a considerable increase in the number of vehicles that can be simulated at the same time.
  • Collisions between different vehicles.
  • Self-collisions between the parts of the same vehicle. (not enabled atm)
  • Vehicle props such as a steering wheel, tachometer, e.t.c.
  • Vehicle mounted camera functionality.
  • Materials can now change depending on the deformation stresses that they receive. The glass breaking in the video uses this mechanism.

Hey Rockstar! We are all waiting for you guys to retaliate with that beautiful Euphoria engine!


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One Comment on "BeamNG is back with more amazing collision physics"

  1. Rez July 8, 2012 at 1:34 AM - Reply

    I love this, I honestly hope they use it in an open world setting, would be intense.