Animania 2013 tournament winners


Today we managed to deliver the last prize to the last winner in the Animania 2013 tournaments! We wanted to share all the joy and troll faces our winners displayed when they got their awesome prizes. My hands were itching beyond control when I packed that 3DS XL to go to its winner, I wonder why…

We would like to once again thank our sponsors Punchline Media (check out their awesome events in Bahrain) and Euphoria for sorting us out with the prizes.

So here are the gaming faces that reigned supreme in our tournaments.

Black Ops 2

1st Place


Gaming Mountain gets a mountain of goodies (I just had to say that)

Crysis 3, Bioshock Infinite, a 50$ PSN card and MOH Warfighter

Disclaimer: We did not pick that last game >=( He did. BLEA!


2nd Place


Bu 7maid racks up a nice score as always!


3rd Place


Ala…ea!? what? what’s he doing here!

Alaa gets a copy Bioshock Infinite


Fifa 2013

1st Place


AcMilano gets a PS Vita for playing like a champ!


2nd Place


Ibra appears to be lovin the games we picked for him

3rd Place


 Mohammed Ali won MGR, have you checked out his nifty car?


King of Fighters XIII

1st Place


Busterwolf won a 3DS XL and copy of GOW Ascention!


2nd Place


FreeMan seems to kick ass at every fighter out there!


3rd Place


Zubari with his epic pose and shirt

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