Android app tells you when the Diablo III servers are down

Android app tells you when the Diablo III servers are down

Did you ever carefully plan your day to set aside 12 hours for Diablo III, and the other 12 hours for the rest of things that get in the way of you playing? Did you also get pwned when you found out your region’s server is down again?

Today I came back home from a long day at work, to my beloved Diablo III (DrWaSaBe#1690), and found the EU servers down for an emergency maintenance. From that moment until the servers were back up again, I have never in my life F5ed a page as much, Blizzard are probably looking for the origin of my IP by now. Then I found a nifty app, called the Diablo III Server Checker Android App, this app will automatically notify you when the Diablo III servers (of your region’s choice) are down and when they are back up again so that you may put your mind, and the f5 button, at ease.

Ah yes, the server is up, time to forget things and play for extended hours

Blizzard has already apologized to all their players for the technical difficulties they have been facing, and I highly respect them for the honesty and transparency. I understand the anger some fans have when they find out the servers are not up and they can’t even play offline, but I also see Blizzard’s view on things, and trust me, it’s not an easy job living up to people’s expectations and serving a few hundred thousand co-current users (the beta peaked at around 300k users).

Image Source (the very organized and awesome data center): Rice University Data Center

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