A Round of Applause for Pluto Games!

pluto games

Pluto Games, one of the largest distributors in the region for video games and video game gadgets (keyboards, controllers, headsets, etc…) has just recently won T-Break 2012 Award for Best Gaming Distributor!

Not only that, Pluto has managed to snatch 2012’s Tbreak Best Press Launch Event with its Forza Horizon launch! A well earned award indeed!

Now why do I consider this s big deal?  Because my personal and professional experience with them has been pretty good as they tend to employ engaging reps at the events they have attended. The same is true with the product managers who actually know what they are on about and are very happy to guide you to whoever does when they don’t.

In addition to that, I have found that there PR keeps us well informed, saving me the effort of doing my job at times!  Yes, I can be lazy…

Not to mention Pluto games has consistently pushed to localize content and shine the spotlight on this region. So yeah, keep up the great work Pluto!

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