A new Super Smash Bros. has begun development for the Wii U and 3DS


For quicker and better delivery of the next installment of Super Smash Bros. Masahiro Sakurai the director of the series and Nintendo have decided to collaborate with Namco Bandai in developing the game for the Wii U and 3DS.

I’m quite excited about this news, since Namco Bandai has previously delivered multiple awesome Naruto fighting games. I know I know, those are 3D and not 2D fighters, but don’t worry Namco Bandai has experience in 2D fighting games and I absolutely adored them.

One concern I have is the vast difference in hardware capabilities between the 3DS and Wii U. I hope they don’t compromise the Wii U version for the sake of the 3DS version. Knowing that Nintendo is still pushing for 3D with the 3DS, the graphics will have to take an extra toll on the 3DS, since 3D requires extra processing power to render. What Nintendo and Namco Bandai can implement to avoid that is different profiles to capitalize on non-3D, giving the game a boost in graphics. After some research, I found out that Dead or Alive Dimensions has implemented a similar feature to increase the frame rate of the game, and thereafter the smoothness in gameplay when the 3D effect was turned off.

Masahiro Sakurai had this to say about the game’s development

The project has just gotten started. Bear in mind that not only are we developing two titles simultaneously, but we announced the project before we even started actual development, so I’m afraid we will likely have to keep you waiting for quite a while. Please be patient.

Currently, the prototype prepared by NAMCO BANDAI Games and NAMCO BANDAI Studio’s special team looks pretty good, and it’s working great. In order to take advantage of the fact that there will be versions for two different systems, and to maximise and offer fun new gameplay elements, the entire team is going to work hard together. Thank you.


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