A 99$ Android console with free games is in development

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While the original source has been removed, the Verge were able to make a brief report on a 99$ console in development. A listing on ‘AngelList’ made mention of the ‘Ouya’ console, that would connect to the TV and provide a friendly developer environment and free games. Now, like many Android games, I suspect the revenue making module would be based on in-game advertising which isn’t so bad if you were playing a casual game.

A few questions come to mind when I read about the concept of this console. Would it hold up against the behemoths of the gaming industry, such as the Playstation, Xbox and Wii? I mean not only do those consoles dish out big AAA titles, but they also offer all those casual games we play on our toilets. The one selling feature the Ouya has to offer is it’s attractive pricing and free games, but would that be enough? Who knows?

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