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By GO Community, February 21, 2014 0 Blog Post, Community Post

A famous engine that once brought us the mighty Counter Strike. Back in the day when dinosaurs used to play, to 2014 when the soon to be fully released a new game by Respawn Entertainment named Titanfall. EA which is… Read More »

By DoCWaSaBe, February 21, 2014 1 Blog Post

In this article I wanted to take you through the thought process of planning and selecting components to build a gaming machine. Instead of just throwing random suggestions, we will actually dig deeper into how to make the right choices,… Read More »

By DooM, February 21, 2014 0

The first thoughts that I had when I started playing Toukiden was that I’m playing Monster Hunter in a whole… Read More »

By DoCWaSaBe, November 28, 2013 6 Glitches, News

So I stumbled upon a link on Facebook today, that too me to an application claiming it can show you your opponents Pokemon and their full details, along with the next move your opponent selected! I wasn’t too sure of… Read More »

By DooM, November 9, 2013 2

Ace Attorney has returned and it’s wackier than ever. Bringing us new characters as well as the old ones and… Read More »

By DooM, September 18, 2013 0

What could be better than getting a game from your  favorite anime in the world, “One Piece”. At first when… Read More »

By Figment, September 13, 2013 0

This is the PC review… I provide this disclaimer because having tried the game on a console, well the graphics… Read More »

By Figment, September 13, 2013 0

Hello GO Community, I am back after a long Hiatus. I am sorry for the lack of activity on my… Read More »

By DoCWaSaBe, September 12, 2013 0 Gameplay, Preview, Videos

After building Django, our I7 3770K with the GTX690 build, I had my eyes set on the AMD 7990. A while back AMD dropped the prices of the 7990 from 999$ to around 650$, that immediately sparked my interest and… Read More »

By DoCWaSaBe, September 6, 2013 0