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By M3o, September 21, 2012 0 Events, Interview, News, Videos

GameOverviews’ very own DoCWaSaBe interviews Aman Sangar about Xbox’s presence in the Gulf and the Middle East region. Mr. Sanger is the Interactive Entertainment Lead for Xbox Gulf and he is most certainly showing his support for the region. The… Read More »

By BrokenMirrors, September 21, 2012 0 Anime, Art, comics, Interview, Videos

As we started our little adventure in Games 12 we saw some pretty artistic posters of: we found these posters to be pretty unique, it’s actually quite hard to find such art styles especially in the Middle east. Here’s an… Read More »

By The Arab Gamer, September 20, 2012 13 News, Videos

Rockman Xover sure has a lot of negativety surrounding it. Whether if it’s the poor presentation, iOS game or Social RPG aspect, the facts are pretty straight forward: no one wants to play Rockman Xover. The fans have been asking for… Read More »

By The Arab Gamer, September 19, 2012 0 News, Videos

Keiji Inafune’s anticipated PSVITA title has gotten delayed to Spring 2013. While this news may bring some sorrow to PSVITA users, he did make up for it by giving us a trailer. Thanks, Keiji. The game does look a lot… Read More »

By The Arab Gamer, September 19, 2012 1 Announcement, News, Videos

Keiji Inafune’s mystery project Yaiba has finally been revealed as a Ninja Gaiden game! The title has been revealed as a collaboration project with Team Ninja  dubbed Yabiba: Ninja Gaiden Z (for Zombies, derp). Not only will this game feature… Read More »

By M3o, September 12, 2012 0 Preview

We have finally set hands on the demo of the most anticipated football game of the year. FIFA13’s demo is now available for all platforms. Lately, EA had never failed to amaze us with every new installment of their incredibly… Read More »

By The Arab Gamer, September 7, 2012 1 Announcement, News, Videos

Looking for a reason to play on your Vita? Good, cause so am I. After months of teasing and watching other people play PS3 games on their Vita, Sony has finally updated its remote play features to support two good… Read More »

By Bob, September 4, 2012 1 News, Videos

One of the Project Leads for Black Mesa, a Source based Half Life remake, has announced that the first build will arrive on September 14. An official soundtrack has also been released and is available here. I’m personally really looking forward to… Read More »

By M3o, September 2, 2012 0 Events, News, Videos

A lot has been going on at PAX 2012 lately and surely, Kojima had to show off his latest Metal Gear Solid game: Ground Zeroes. The mastermind behind the MGS saga had confirmed that “Ground Zeroes” is not Metal Gear… Read More »

By The Arab Gamer, August 31, 2012 1 Review, Videos

Is bigger really better? Or is Nintendo trying to pull a fast one on us? Find out in this 3DS XL (region 1) review. Don’t forget to check out the unboxing here. If you’re upgrading, then make sure to watch… Read More »