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By M3o, December 18, 2012 0 Unboxing, Videos

Here is another gaming monitor for you fellow gamers! Check out DoCWaSaBe’s unboxing of BenQ’s RL2240H 21.5 inch gaming monitor:

By M3o, December 18, 2012 0 Unboxing, Videos

If you are planning on building a small computer which may not be well ventilated,  check out DocWaSaBe’s unboxing of the Noctua’s NH-L9a low profile cooler.

By M3o, December 18, 2012 0 Reviews, Videos

When it’s technical, he’s the man. DoCWaSaBe has got his hands and eyes on EIZO’s gaming monitor, the Foris FS2332. Check out his detailed review on this promising monitor in the video below: Special thanks to IDN for providing us… Read More »

By The Arab Gamer, December 5, 2012 0 News, Videos

“Gah! That’s it?” Is what you’ll probably be saying after watching the teaser below. Expect the full story trailer reveal at the VGA awards on December 10th.

By The Arab Gamer, December 4, 2012 15 Announcement, News, Videos

While I’m still trying to get the “Xover” taste out of my mouth I came across this vid that pretty much made my entire year. Yes, year, because it looks THAT good. Started in August, our team of six game… Read More »

By The Arab Gamer, December 4, 2012 3 Blog Post, Interview, Videos

Once upon a time, game development used to be a very niche market. Software developers who went rogue in the late 70’s “to build programs for fun” had no idea that they will be kick starting a multi-billion dollar industry…. Read More »

By The Arab Gamer, November 30, 2012 0 Videos

Ubisoft’s latest jungle shooter seems to be getting a lot of positive vibes. I even heard some gamers calling it the next big shooter and possibly the best shooter of the year. If you really have no idea what the… Read More »

By DoCWaSaBe, November 26, 2012 0 Unboxing, Videos

If you recall my interview with Mr.Rahim (‘GreatFrag’), we checked out the Foris FS2332 at ComiCon Dubai 2012. So IDN was actually kind enough to provide us a unit for us to unbox and review, so check out the unboxing… Read More »

By DooM, November 20, 2012 0 GO Play, Videos

What’s up guys? Broken and I (Doomz) have started  a new series with GameOverviews and it’s called Go Play. You will see us playing a different game in each episode with another GO member or even guests! So here’s our first episode with… Read More »

By The Arab Gamer, November 12, 2012 0 Game Trailer, Videos

I’m usually not a big fan of posting trailers but this one can’t be missed. Yes, even if you have no idea what Final Fantasy 14 is about. Well, maybe you should know a few things. The Final Fantasy 14… Read More »