TGS 2012: Yaiba is Ninja Gaiden with Zombies (No, really)


Keiji Inafune’s mystery project Yaiba has finally been revealed as a Ninja Gaiden game! The title has been revealed as a collaboration project with Team Ninja  dubbed Yabiba: Ninja Gaiden Z (for Zombies, derp). Not only will this game feature zombies, and mecha’s but Ninja’s as well and since this is an official Ninja Gaiden game, Ryu Hyabusa will obviously make his appearance. Only this time he’ll be the villian.

You take the role of a Ninja named Yaiba who pretty much got his ass handed to him by Ryu. Filled with anger, Yaiba will embark on a journey that will guide him through hordes of zombies (and possibly other creatures) until he finds & defeats Ryu himself. Well, all I can say is good luck and hope Ryu aint playing on hero mode.

Release date is TBA and so far its slated for consoles.

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One Comment on "TGS 2012: Yaiba is Ninja Gaiden with Zombies (No, really)"

  1. That Guy September 19, 2012 at 10:04 PM - Reply

    Not impressed… Very disappoint…