FIFA13 Demo Impressions


We have finally set hands on the demo of the most anticipated football game of the year. FIFA13’s demo is now available for all platforms.

Lately, EA had never failed to amaze us with every new installment of their incredibly famous FIFA franchise and now it is time to do so once again. The question is, can EA somehow manage to give us a better FIFA than the almost perfect FIFA12?


As soon as the referee blew his whistle, I immediately became emotionally confused. I wasn’t sure if what I am seeing is better graphics or worse. At some point, the game looks more crisp and smooth. Then, it felt like FIFA12 looked more realistic. Both games seem to be at the same level of graphics; but, the tweaks in brightness and shading has caused  some of the confusion… for me at least. So, is it better? It is actually up to your taste. I personally prefer FIFA12’s visuals. As for the players motions, they now look even better than  before.

Let aside the visuals and the extra stuff. The biggest concern football games successors is the gameplay improvements. This is no longer a concern when it comes to FIFA.


The AI improvements drew a smirk on my face while I was playing. As soon as the play-maker received the ball, the center forward and the two wings made crucial runs giving me wider options to create a scoring chance. Also, Passing has become more realistic as not all one-touch passes are done perfectly. Unlike FIFA12, you now need to be more careful about how to pass the ball with each player as the difference in passing skills may result in an attack-ending mispass. As usual, the new skills that have been added are not just some fancy new features. They are actually quite useful when done right. Moves like the “fake shot pass” and “fancy fake shot” can both throw your opponent out of your way and humiliate him.

The new “Skill Games” feature that had been added to the training mode is fun and useful as well. Aside from being a fun mode to play every once in a while, it can actually improve your accuracy and many other skills. It sure is worth a try.

All in all, I wasn’t entirely impressed with the graphical improvements. However, the gameplay is as amazing as it has always been, probably even better. So go ahead! Give it a try and tell us what you think.


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