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By The Arab Gamer, October 19, 2012 0 News, Videos

The much anticipated Halo 4 trailer has finally hit the net, and yea…it looks good. If you’re wondering what makes the trailer so special is because it was produced by David Fincher (director of Fight Club, Curious Case of Benjamin… Read More »

By The Arab Gamer, October 17, 2012 5 Blog Post, News

While the The 100,000 Strong may appear dormant, their efforts and determination seem to have reached one special person–Reika Morishita. First, a little back story is in order. Similar to what Utada Hikaru did for Kingdom Hearts, Reika Morishita is known for creating  the… Read More »

By The Arab Gamer, October 16, 2012 1 Blog Post

Hello fellow readers. I wish to give out an apology regarding the post I made on Resident Evil 6’s On Disc DLC. When I first found the news I was bit unsurprised, hearing that Capcom will be using On Disc DLC again… Read More »

By The Arab Gamer, October 15, 2012 0 Leak, News, Rumor

Mp1st Has managed to grab a glimpse of what seems to be Black Ops 2’s Season Pass which promises to include the following: Get 4 Call of Duty®: Black Ops 2 downloadable content Map Packs, delivering a variety of new… Read More »

By The Arab Gamer, October 15, 2012 1 Leak, News

With Halo 4 being leaked, it seems like Microsoft & 343 studios will have its hands full investigating what really went down. In the mean time Josh Holmes, the creative direct behind Halo 4, has urged all gamers to be cautious of… Read More »

By DoCWaSaBe, October 15, 2012 0 News, Videos

For all you Naruto fans out there, the latest epic trailer for Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is out and can be watched below The most interesting thing in the video, was footage of what seems to be a playable Sasuke… Read More »

By DoCWaSaBe, October 15, 2012 0 Cosplay, Events

Well, why did I choose the Scarecrow for Games12? The very frank and funny answer is that I had meetings on the Games12 days and I wanted to look smart, but at the same time wanted to cosplay. The Scarecrow… Read More »

By M3o, October 14, 2012 0 Announcement, News

Konami have finally released their first DLC for their famous football franchise PES2013. The update features some additions to the online experience and of course, transfers. A new “widget” system has been added to the online mode that eases the… Read More »

By M3o, October 14, 2012 0 Announcement

Lately, Konami have released news and pictures of the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Collector’s Edition which will contain a “high frequency” plasma lamp with Raiden’s sword inside (picture above), full game soundtrack and most importantly, the game itself. If you… Read More »

By The Arab Gamer, October 13, 2012 1 Announcement

Capcom have issued a statement regarding its on disc content and how it will be unlocked via an update. The company said that it will be releasing two DLC’s which will be free of charge and include the following: No… Read More »