Halo 4 Launch Trailer (Produced by David Fincher)

Halo 4_post

The much anticipated Halo 4 trailer has finally hit the net, and yea…it looks good. If you’re wondering what makes the trailer so special is because it was produced by David Fincher (director of Fight Club, Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Seven) which is pretty freakin weird, IMO. I would never imagine the guy who Directed all those movies to go out of his way to make a Halo 4 launch trailer.

The first rule of Halo Reach is we do not use Armor Locks!

Aside from beautiful cinematography, one of the great things about this trailer is how it gave us deeper glimpse into Master Chief’s past. While there are novels based on his backstory, it’s great to see it all in live action. It also gives us idea of what he looks like (I knew he was bald!).

Let’s hope these trailer inspire other directors to finally take the leap and make a freaking Halo movie. How much longer will you tease us, Hollywood?

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