Halo 4’s Creative Director Urges Gamers To Wait Till Nov. 6

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With Halo 4 being leaked, it seems like Microsoft & 343 studios will have its hands full investigating what really went down. In the mean time Josh Holmes, the creative direct behind Halo 4, has urged all gamers to be cautious of spoilers running a mock. The game will apparently have a lot of surprises (aside from two discs) that may impact the experience.

Piracy is something that can be expected, game leaks however are a completely different ball game. Speaking for myself, gamers can be impatient and when you start dangling the carrot in front their eyes you know the consequences. I recall the time when Halo 2’s French version got leaked and I, like many others, watched videos online to see it in action.  But as soon as I got Halo 2 on launch I was hit by several feelings. Underwhelmed. Not excited. No zing. I’m sure many found the feeling mutual (although those French voice actors were pretty awesome).

So yea, look out for spoilers and if you find any keep them to yourself for another 3 weeks, please.

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One Comment on "Halo 4’s Creative Director Urges Gamers To Wait Till Nov. 6"

  1. Arturo October 19, 2012 at 5:45 AM - Reply

    That sucks 🙁 I’d be really upset if something I worked so hard on was leaked by some impatient thieves, resulting in underwhelmed feelings from the target audience I worked so hard to entertain.