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Hello fellow readers. I wish to give out an apology regarding the post I made on Resident Evil 6’s On Disc DLC. When I first found the news I was bit unsurprised, hearing that Capcom will be using On Disc DLC again sounded as genuine as it gets. This is where I made the mistake of not actually double checking my research as I’ve come to realize that costumes  taunts, and melee attacks were in fact unlockable with only the extra difficulty mode being On Disc DLC. Capcom further elaborated that On Disc DLC was there for “technical reasons” and that they will be releasing  free DLC’s which will include the extra difficulty. Whether they did this out of pressure or not remains to be seen but in the end of the day we don’t know. It is also worth noting that Capcom did not promise that they will stop using On Disc DLC only that they will “re-evaluate it“. In the end it was I, The Arab Gamer, who decided to create that post and push it to be published so I bare all responsibilities to that post. I would like to apologize straight to Capcom as well and I hope that I did not cause them any trouble.

That being said I would also talk about Capcom itself. Many who have read my post jumped to the conclusion that I did it out of hate or animosity when it was actually out of love. At one point I highly considered Capcom “the best game company in the world” for pioneering survival horror, fighting, adventure, platforming, and bringing new genres to the table. However, these past two years I’ve seen this company change exponentially by taking its fanbase/customers for granted with paid endings, poor HD ports, on disc locked roster, and sudden cancellations.  

We can all agree that the gaming industry is in a transitional phase (monetization, DLC, Digitial Distribution, budget inflation). We have to realize that Capcom is a company that has to make money and while it’s tactics may make sense in the business world it may not to its customers. I believe that Capcom should try more to push for a middle ground that we can feel comfortable standing on. Seeing Capcom actually making Resident Evil 6’s On Disc DLC free is a positive sign of listening and reacting, one I hope they continue to do moving forward.

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