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Same game-plan, different results A generation back, Nintendo jumped the gun and surprised everyone with an innovative  little console that captured the hearts of the casual audience, the Nintendo Wii. A modestly powered console back in it’s day, it offered… Read More »

By DoCWaSaBe, August 17, 2013 2 Anime, Art, comics

Have you ever got bothered by the discrepancies between the Pokemon games and animated series? Well, you’re not alone, because they use to piss the crap out of me, especially when the series totally ignores the effectiveness system when Pokemon… Read More »

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By DoCWaSaBe, June 28, 2013 0 Announcement, Art

Summer is coming so we decided to take on a small little side project to work on whenever we meet up. Given how much we all love playing arcade games, we decided to build one! Mind you, we are still… Read More »

By DoCWaSaBe, June 21, 2013 0 Podcast, The GO-Cast

In this episode, WaSaBe and DooM join Hamoodz on the podcast all the way from Los Angeles to discuss all the news and games of E3 2013! Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:03:10 — 144.6MB)

By DoCWaSaBe, June 13, 2013 0 Announcement, Events

Hey! The GameOverviews team members that traveled half way across the world to LA wanted to give you all a few updates on what’s going on here at E3! We spoke to the producers of games such as Knack and Dynasty… Read More »

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I would like to begin by thanking each and every one of our readers, this would have never been possible without your constant support. Back in early 2012 when we started GameOverviews, we set ourselves a few goals, one of… Read More »