GO goes retro! Lets build an arcade machine!


Summer is coming so we decided to take on a small little side project to work on whenever we meet up. Given how much we all love playing arcade games, we decided to build one!

Mind you, we are still working out the fine details of the build and the only thing that is solid is the basic PC components. The machine will be powered with an AMD A8 6600k (which will most probably be upgraded to an A10 and paired with a full on GPU in the future if needed), 4 GBs of good-nuff ram and an SSD to ensure fast boots like flipping a switch. I am also looking at a few technicalities to make it more cool, and the guys are feeding me some nice ideas.

The good news is that since the machine is in it’s early stages of planning, we can get your feedback on what we should do with it! So, let us know in the comments, what would be cool?


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