E3 Video Coverage and quick update


Hey! The GameOverviews team members that traveled half way across the world to LA wanted to give you all a few updates on what’s going on here at E3!

We spoke to the producers of games such as Knack and Dynasty Warriors 8, and a few of the developers from DICE which are working on Battlefield 4! All of which gave us some insight into their latest creations.

Speaking about BF4, we shot an extensive video where we ask a few questions about the returning commander mode and how it will come into play as a potential tide shifting mechanic that would lead your team to victory.


DW8 Producer Akihiro Suzuki

EA then showed off some amazing footage of their new IGNITE engine, unfortunately we will only be able to write an extensive post about it but not show anything off for the time being. The great news is that I am fairly familiar with the technologies they spoke of and I also have experience in Muay Thai, so the demos all made good sense to me and I will hopefully be able to discuss it in greater details than the average UFC fan.




BF4 Commander Mode

AMD was excited to show us their new FX 9590, which runs at 5GHZ stock! That along with a stock HD 7990 was able to run the latest Tomb Raider on 5x1080p displays!  While on the green side we have already uploaded a video of the new Nvidia Shield, and nabbed a few pricing and release date details.

Xbox One was showing off their new Kinect and controller hardware technology, along with a game called Ryse which showed off some amazing gameplay footage putting you into the sandals of a Roman solder.

Sony had a more different approach, where they showed much love towards existing Vita and PS3 users with an extensive and impressive list of titles that were soon to be released. We also got ourselves some VIP treatment to check out what Sony has in store for the PS4, unfortunately we were not allowed to film the games but expect some written coverage on that!


Ian and DooM

Nintendo took us to a tour through happy happy land, where Mario transforms into a cute cat and Sonic is reborn through a new vision. Surprisingly, Mario Kart 8 was one of the better looking games at the show! Keep in tune to see how Nintendo’s new titles could potentially hold ground against the Microsoft and Sony’s titans.

We also bumped in to celebrities such as Mr.Destructoid and Ian from Smosh and ended up in some funny situations with them, one of which involved a crazy hand smacking game!

For the time being, head over to our Arabic and English Youtube channels to see our coverage of the event unfold!



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