Awesome Megaman X animation by Roosterteeth’s Shane Newville

Black Panther [LIMITED to 500px]

The Animator of Roosterteeth Shane Newville celebrated the 25th anniversary of Mega Man by making this badass video. Using his skills, he made X invade a compound and blast everything in his way.

I sure miss Megaman X, it was my favorite series in the Megaman franchise, it was challenging and fun.

Well all i can say about this TOTAL AWESOMENESS

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One Comment on "Awesome Megaman X animation by Roosterteeth’s Shane Newville"

  1. Stephen December 26, 2012 at 11:42 PM - Reply

    amazing loved the way everything went and wish there was a series or something like this. *COUGH COUGH Capcom idea Cough* With that said thank you for spending the time to make this and sharing it.