God of War: Ascension collector’s edition detailed

God of War

Amazon has listed and detailed the God of War: Ascension collector’s edition, the price as of the date of writing this article is set at 79.99$. The collector’s edition according to Amazon will contain:

• Exclusive 8″ Kratos Statue
• Premium Steelbook case
• Official Game Soundtrack (digital version)
• PS3 Dynamic Theme
• PSN Avatar Pack
• Multiplayer Double XP Unlock
• Pass for future DLC content

Some things in the package sound unnecessary like the avatar pack and double xp unlock. Although that Kratos figure sounds like an awesome deal if it is of high build quality. I just hope they don’t have any on disk DLC, it seems to be an unfortunate trend these days. But, I for one am putting my trust in Santa Monica Studios to deliver an awesome Collector’s Edition.

Here’s hoping for another cool multipurpose box.

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