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By GO Community, June 22, 2012 0 Announcement, Community Post

Written by: DooM   The new DLC is out! and for the multitude of MW3 Fans this is a REAL treat! 3 brand new map packs for the exciting new game mode and whats more there is a new spec ops… Read More »

By DoCWaSaBe, June 20, 2012 0 Blog Post, Figurines

Amazon has listed and detailed the God of War: Ascension collector’s edition, the price as of the date of writing this article is set at 79.99$. The collector’s edition according to Amazon will contain: • Exclusive 8″ Kratos Statue •… Read More »

By Figment, June 20, 2012 1 Blog Post

Diablo 3 Players are all familiar with the feeling of in game death. It goes something like this: “Oh, I died. Wait, let me respawn… Oh wait… lost durability, should repair.”  To people who focus as much on damage as I… Read More »

By GO Community, June 13, 2012 2 Blog Post, Community Post, News

Written by: DooM   Well, there it is! The long awaited release of Dark Souls on PC is out, with additional content no less! On Steam! While this edition gives a lot more to PC gamers , those who own… Read More »

By GO Community, June 12, 2012 2 Blog Post, Community Post

Written by: Bob     The military simulator franchise ARMA has gathered a modest following since its debut in 2006, and while zombies have been included as enemies in various mods, what hasn’t been done is a full-fledged zombie survival mod. Enter… Read More »

By The Arab Gamer, May 1, 2012 4 Blog Post

While many gamers are still waiting for SEGA to finally unveil the rumored Shenmue HD collection, a YouTube user by the name of TheSpacechannel5 managed to give us a glimpse of what Shenmue might look like in full HD. The end result is… Read More »

By The Arab Gamer, April 29, 2012 1 Art, Blog Post

Sick of your typical military protagonist walking towards the screen? Ubisoft decided to change things up with Farcry 3 by giving it the whole “did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?” vibe. Kudos to Ubi for finally breaking… Read More »

By DoCWaSaBe, April 26, 2012 0 Blog Post, News

Head off to Steam and get your 75% discounted copy off Dead Space 1 & 2. To be frank I’m still in the process of finishing those games but they honestly are worth every penny, and if you get it… Read More »

By Figment, April 18, 2012 0 Blog Post

When my friend and colleague “The Arab Gamer” recommended reviewing Journey for our first video commentary, I have to say that I had my doubts. Journey was by all reports a critical acclaim, it was so heavily reviewed, it made… Read More »

By The Arab Gamer, April 17, 2012 1 Blog Post

Never before has there been such a game that is as polarized as Final Fantasy XIII. There are people who despise it and consider it an insult to the franchise while there are others who simply like it or even love it… Read More »