Diablo 3’s first hardcore inferno completion

Diablo HC Inferno

Diablo 3 Players are all familiar with the feeling of in game death. It goes something like this: “Oh, I died. Wait, let me respawn… Oh wait… lost durability, should repair.”  To people who focus as much on damage as I do and as little on armor and health, this phenomenon is a very common occurance since all an enemy needs to do is sneeze in your general direction for you to die… But then again it’s no big deal all you need to really do is repair your items and it’s like you never died at all… its not as big a loss in money or even Exp so it’s very easily ignored.

But for those of you who have played a Hardcore character you are well aware of the gut wrenching terror you experience every time your character’s health drops.  See for those of you not familiar with Hardcore characters… once they are dead they are gone, everything they have equipped or in thier inventory gone along with the hours spent getting them to the experience level they are at right now. That’s a hard thing to take, causing a large amount of players to stay well away from that option and also resulting in players who DO have such characters to earn bragging rights!

Well, based on that one can say that Kripparrian earned the greatest bragging rights that can be attained with Diablo 3 so far; as he is the very first to complete the game with a hardcore character in all four difficulty modes, and that’s before Blizzard released their patch lowering the Inferno mode’s difficulty, making them the only pre-patch players to complete Diablo III HC Inferno Pre-1.0.3 Patch! And looking at his Act IV inferno gameplay video I can honestly say that it was impressive! Kripp the hardcore Barbarian and his escort wizard Krippi had a very sound strategy.

There seems to have been quite a lot of debating on whether they really had completed it or not but that was cleared up by Bashiok the Community Manager for Blizzard Entertainment.

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  1. DoCWaSaBe June 20, 2012 at 11:35 PM - Reply

    Hahaha I tried fighting a few monster mobs in Inferno pre-patch, that shit is screwed up bad. There was no way you could stand in there way haha!