One of the most important aspect of xbox gaming has been tackled at the event: online gaming. In this case: Xbox LIVE.

The Xbox One will surely be backed with all what microsoft has to keep it at the top of the next-gen wars. Here is what we know so far:

300,000 servers powering LIVE

“More than the world’s entire computing power in 1999” said Microsoft. An impressive number promises a great online experience. What does 300,000 servers mean to us gamers? All the below.

Store content on the cloud

We can store more and more content on the cloud. This includes game data, pictures, videos, and all other media.

Dedicated Game DVR

We will no longer need to buy a new device to record our gameplay as the Xbox One will allow us to record that and store it, again, on the cloud.

Dynamic Achievements

Screen100Achievements have been taken to a new level. We can now see detailed statistics of the games’ achievements. Details like progress, unlocked achievements percentage, and others that make things… fancier.

Better Online Experience

We should be able to see online matches of more than 16 players. Something that we might have seen in current-gen games; yet, it is a great step forward for Xbox. All in all, Xbox Live will (or should) be an even better experience for us gamers.

More will be revealed at E3 in June.

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