XBOX ONE: Call of Duty: Ghosts. A different CoD


We know about Call of Duty: Ghosts already; but, what had been shown to us moments ago will get the CoD fans hyped, and others curious! First things first, Infinity Ward is using a new “next-gen” CoD engine. This means that… Well… This means everything to us! From graphical beauty to gameplay power, the new engine promises a new and better Call of Duty experience.

That’s not where CoD: Ghosts is a new experience only. In fact, it has a whole new story to it. As explained, it all starts with a mess as the America is destroyed and weaker than ever. You play as a “super elite force” soldier, and are accompanied with a dog! Unlike the previous dogs in the franchise, the dog will be a member of the squad and will help in “sniffing out bombs” and protecting the team. It is a dog that you will care about, probably plays a huge role in the story.

What is even more interesting, and probably more important to some, is the new multiplayer. It is completely enhanced to include dynamic maps and character customization. What’s meant by dynamic maps is that we will get to experience earthquakes (Say What?!), and explosions will affect the different environmental objects scattered around the maps.

All that will be running as smooth as 60 frames per second. Promising, exciting, and bringing a new experience to the world of Call of Duty!



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