Will next-gen consoles have forced ads?

Forced Ads

Imagine this, you’re playing Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeros, and it’s everything you wished for as a gamer and more…


before I get my ass handed to me by an angry mob calling my eloquent drawings a vast exaggeration, please view exhibit A.

Sony interactive ads patent

This new patent by Sony will force advertisements in-between your content, and check this, will ask you to do a chore to skip the ad more quickly! Something on the lines of shouting brand names…

The patent is currently targeted to introduce interactive ads on TV programs, but it made mention of multiple PlayStation peripherals such as the PS controller, Move and PS Eye.

If these ads were ever featured in full priced game, they would definitely bother the living daylights out of me. But, it could be beneficial for both gamers and companies if used in free (lite) versions of games. This would pretty much provide users with a horde of free content to play or at least try–think of playing Journey or Rayman fully for free but with a few ads after each gameplay segment.

A similar but less intrusive model of watch some ads, free-to-play is widely adopted with android. Check out the Android free version of Angry Birds, and notice the ad on the top right of the screen.

Image courtesy of openattitude.com

I guess this patent could be a tool to open free games to everyone, or simply force legit buyers into making a fool out of themselves (SAY MY NAME! SAY IT!). Sony, we will put our trust in your hands, and we hope you deliver us some good news.

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