Wii U is officially the first Eighth Generation Home Console

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The time has finally come, we are now entering the “next-gen” era and Nintendo is making it the “now-gen”, the Wii U hosts a variety of features for the first Eighth Generation Home Console.

Some of the features listed were:

  • The Wii U will support dual Wii pads
  • Rumble feature on the Wii U pad
  • Infrared Transceiver
  • NFC Reader/Writer
  • Play the Wii U without the need for the TV to be on.
  • Hulu, Netflix and Youtube will be available on the Wii U
  • A stylus is included with the Wii pad
  • Wii U pad has volume control and a headset jack
  • Support for Wii accessories such as the Wiimote plus and nunchucks

Here are a few pics we managed to grab.


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