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After the initial shock of watching the cool concept of what I have come to call “The WatchDogs Universe” I begin to feel less in awe of the game that has captured the attention of SO many during E3 2012. Why? Well, during today’s press conference, I found myself comparing everything from the way the character ran about in the street to his free running in an attempt to escape the cops and even the take-downs of running targets felt like a near-futuresque Assassin’s Creed. Even the Loading screen reminded me of the AC animus loading screen. Sure there where improvements and innovations but I started getting that cold feeling that the game may be over-hyped and end up being an average “not-bad” game.

It might be odd that someone would worry that a game would be “not-bad” but the problem of it being just acceptable enough after being over hyped is pretty much the problem with the entire year of 2012 where we have had non-stop hyping of practically every big title that year and where met with overwhelming disappointment because all those games WEREN’T horrible… They just weren’t all we had been led to believe they would be.

Despite all this negativity… I have to say there is that little part of me that is REALLY looking forward to be proven wrong because this game does look deliciously promising once all the rough edges get smoothed out.

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