Payday 2

5.7 Overall Score


Single Player


This is the PC review… I provide this disclaimer because having tried the game on a console, well the graphics quiet honestly sucked on it. The PC on the other hand was fairly acceptable. The game had a considerable amount of potential but a significant amount of flaws as well that make it hard for me to accurately review it. Regardless of that fact I shall endeavor to give as best a review as I can.


Graphics: 5/10

Quiet honestly even with the PC the game looked acceptable. Not much more than that. There where no glitches, nor where there any blatant issues, but the game was greatly lacking in terms of polish. It felt unrefined, more like a game that came out at the start of this generation. Surely not one that was released so close to the beginning of the coming generation. Seriously, especially when games like the Witcher 2 having been released so many years ago. As I said, its not that the game’s graphics are bad. They just weren’t good.


Sound: 5/10

Once again… The Audio quality wasn’t bad, the guns sounded just about the same to me as any generic shooter, but there was nothing that distinguished the game in this respect from any other game of it’s genre. It did exactly what it was supposed to do. Nothing more, nothing less.


Gameplay/Replay Value: 7(1)/10

Now this score is odd. What I mean by it however is that for the way it is meant to be played (i.e. with other human players) the game is outstandingly enjoyable despite a great deal of blatant issues because the game takes a heavy focus on teamwork planning and implementing of a robbery. It simulates Hollywood movie robberies in a really great way. You get in most situations to case the place you plan to rob, you have general blueprints, preparing by selecting the appropriate equipment (Though how someone may conceal a freakin assault rifle in casing mode is beyond me!), and specialized tools made for dealing with specific situations. All in all a great game to play with friends if you do not nitpick.


On the other hand… I strongly advise against playing this game alone. The AI cannot rightly be called that… More like AS for artificial stupidity. The issues that might have been easily ignored in multi-player become incredibly irritating in single player such as the inability to lock up a door, bring down the blinds or negotiate when you have a hostage with a gun pointed to their heads. Surely cops wont storm in without some form of negotiation or some plan to keep the hostages safe as a full frontal assault would lead me to capping one of the idiotic civilians I have zip-tied in the back office… Having to spend lots of money and skill points to learn to use a body bag is also a bit much for me to swallow when I am doing all this crap alone. In fact it is downright infuriating. Also, I would imagine that it should be possible to pack less equipment if I choose to in order to become more inconspicuous while casing a join… but nooooooooooo I don’t get that luxury do I? I HAVE to carry a freakin assault rifle somewhere under my freakin suit at all times… And while I am ranting, why the hell do I kill every civilian and cop I meet with a single chop to the face? What am I? Superman?! I tried to knock out a screaming woman and I loose 3000 dollars because she is apparently as fragile as a glass vase. So yea… No good on single player… I advise playing with a friend.


Graphics: 5/10

Sound: 5/10

Gameplay/Replay Value: 7(1)/10

Overall: 5.7/10

Overall, I suggest this game for anyone who enjoys cooperative play and those who enjoy messing around games with their friends. I do not advise playing it on single player, those little quirks that seem acceptable at first become incredibly Irritating… Oh and unless you can live with ANY form of poor graphical performance purchase the PC and NOT the console version… Seriously. I mean it.   Ok fine, but don’t say I didn’t warn you!


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