Mark of the Ninja

8 Overall Score
Story: 6/10
Aesthetics: 9/10
Gameplay: 9/10

Line of Sight Mechanic, Stealth, Messing with the AI, Challenges

Repetitive Kill Animations, Bland Characters

When I was first gifted Mark of the Ninja I had already looked at a few screenshots and gameplay videos and had decided to leave the game for “later” to play… When I say later, I generally mean when I have gotten tired of all the more immediately exciting games that I was currently playing.

Last week though, I was hit by a bad case of food poisoning so I had a LOT of time to spend at home so one night while deciding what I would do the next morning I got to installing the game. Next morning came, I turned on the game and while the start was a little slow for me and I actually did have to force myself through the first level, but the game picked up (which I found a surprise given the game came from the same Developers of Shank which was just repetitive). Right, so here is my overall review for the game.


Story: 6/10

The overall story was cliched to say the least and the one twist that was contained within the story was predictable and could be seen coming a mile away… The story did drive the game forward however and so I cannot really say that it was horrible… It did it’s most basic job, but just that. Nothing more.

The main character felt like a cardboard cutout with as much personality or reason to empathize with as that aforementioned cutout. The other characters where no better, with the supporting characters being barely memorable and bland. I actually didn’t feel as much satisfaction killing anyone of the main villains as I did when I accomplished a difficult maneuver. I had no real reason to hate them when I had no real reason to hate them given that I do not particularly feel anything for the main character whom they wronged.

To sum it up… The story was only there to explain why the hell I was going through all those levels with progressing difficulty, and it did that part well enough to earn the score noted above (and the ending did help it go up a notch, I liked it).


Aesthetics: 9/10

I cant honestly say the graphics where perfect given the genre given that there where a few graphical glitches I encountered along the game (few and far between as they may be) but I have to say the lighting, motion and shadows where enjoyable in their own seemingly simple way. The assassination death animations where repetitive and got tiresome after a while but otherwise pretty damn hilarious the first few times you see them.

I am no professional rating audio but the sound effects where fitting and really did set the mood for the game, I just wish that the guards and so on had more variety in their speech or perhaps whistle like the guards did in Dishonored?

I honestly wish I had more to say but the game is just aesthetically pleasing!


Gameplay: 9/10

The gameplay strongly encourages you to stealth your way through; in fact it gives you little chance to do otherwise, as any direct assault would lead to you being overwhelmed, which is quickly followed by your inevitable demise. Challenges along the game are presented in a way that is not too discouraging but still brings about that elitist within you so that you may be rewarded for your efforts.

I for one loved the stealth element in the game and the fact that I could listen in on doors to figure out whats lying on the other side. All the little details where what made the game enjoyable, like the skills that are bought that allow me to kill from different hiding spots and perches make this game so satisfying. To date, I have not been able to complete a single level without killing an enemy (something that you as a player get greatly rewarded for… Other little details that game the game that enjoyable feel was the changing setting, the environmental challenges, rewards for special challenges, actually obscuring the players vision when the main character cannot actually see past an area, sounds made and much more.

Mark of the Ninja is an amazing game for it’s genre… I just wish there was a way to add a co-op element to the game because that would have been incredibly enjoyable even if it does end up making the game a little too easy.



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