DmC:Vergil’s Downfall

5 Overall Score
Story: 5/10
Gameplay: 5/10


The game takes place right after the main game, Virgil has been badly wounded from the fight with his brother Dante, Virgil was able to make it to Paradise and reaches his mother’s grave but not long after that he succumbs to his Injuries and collapses, and falls to Hell.

The story took a fairly linear approach which is not a surprise given the genre and series so not quite that big of a problem. The biggest issue however that the story was fairly forced and seemed like it depended on fights to move the story along and depended heavily on those to stretch what was already a short story a little more.


It could have been a lot better if they just spent some more time developing it instead of rushing through with it, It doesn’t have much to keep you going, at first you’d probably be a bit excited if you liked DmC’s Main game, but after the first and second chapter you’ll feel the story has been needlessly stretched out.

Personally I expected a lot from the game in terms of story and perhaps because of that I feel pretty disappointed.



In comparison to the main game, Virgil’s Downfall has nothing special, the only thing that’s actually different is the fact that you’re playing as a different character which will obviously result in a different combo list, but there aren’t many ability upgrades or Combo upgrades to buy, the game-play could have been a lot better than how it is now, a few air combos and a few ground combos, you can use the spiral sword but they’re not so special, as Virgil you can also switch between demon form & angel form, functioning exactly like Dante’s Demon & Angel forms, the Devil trigger is Virgil’s Doppelganger so it pretty much does the same moves you do but you can change the Doppelganger’s action with the D-pad depending on your situation.



The game is probably worth it if you are looking to expand on what you experienced with the main game, but it doesn’t provide much of a new experience if that is what you are looking for.

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