dishonored PC
7.3 Overall Score
Story: 7/10
Graphics: 6/10
Gameplay: 9/10

Now, before I really begin discussing the game. I must first make it clear that I tend to be a very harsh reviewer when dishing out “numbered” reviews. So to clarify here is how my personal view of rating works:

1-3= FAIL

4= Bare minimum

5= Acceptable

6= Good

7= Very good!

8-9= Excellent!!

10= Perfect

Do not expect a ten… The only time you may ever see it in one of my reviews is when the game-play “feels” perfect relative to my personal perspective. That being said I will move on to discuss the review.

If games could copulate and have babies, Dishonored would be the love child of  the Thief video game series but I am as of yet unsure of who the father is! Dishonored takes a great deal of the stealth elements from Thief  such as concealing yourself in darkness and keeping your body hidden behind objects and lethal versus non-lethal pacification but adds the element of “magic” like Blink which in my eyes is effectively the Flash step in Bleach just for slightly shorter distance and with no air-walk. Other abilities allow you to possess creatures, slow time, or see living beings through walls as well as their field of vision.

The plot-line of the story is quite interesting and holds at least one satisfying ending in my eyes, but what I feel bothers me the most was the fact that I found the events unfolding to be anti-climactic and twist-free. One of the things that bothered me however is how the Outsider was given a face. When a character is supposed to take the place of some cross between God and Devil giving them a face in my opinion removes that feeling of awe that I was supposed to experience while first meeting him but never did!

Visually, I can say that the graphics where not so stimulating in comparison to other games out there but they really did give off the feeling that Empire was in a state of decay with  disease & corruption sweeping the streets. It was truly fitting to the story.

Next, I discuss the gameplay. Now when I play most games I get an overwhelming urge to kill mostly villains but sometimes even the innocent. That feeling is amplified by the fact that most games encourage the “demon within me” to commit those atrocious acts strongly. And while murdering the unknowing guard just going about his job in Dishonored is still enjoyable every time I resort to killing an enemy rather than peacefully pacifying them. I am left with the feeling that I have resorted to some pathetic cowardly tactic. Its not that I sympathize with the guards… Heck no! I enjoy hacking them up! As long as I’m not saving. Other times the game brings out an elitist from within me that I had never thought I had. After all, I have always considered myself to be a casual gamer. After playing this game I honestly feel like I have changed that part of me. If I really must describe how this game makes me feel while playing it, I would say it feels like I was playing one of Steven Seagal’s characters with a little magic and swords thrown in. With Corvo (the lead protagonist) already being a typical First Person Mute, it wasn’t very hard imagining that!

Overall I think the game is a must buy for anyone who is interest in a Stealth/action game and even those that appreciate  morality scale based games. Those with no patience or interest in linear stories be warned!

Who should get this?

  • Stealth/Action genre fans.
  • Fans of the Thief series (as it is a true successor).
  • Players interested in a morality scale that influences the story.
  • Players who enjoy linear sequential stories as opposed to open world.
  • Players with who enjoy a diversity in their gameplay.
  • Players who enjoy customization.


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