Report: IE9 for the Xbox 360


It is interesting how the Xbox 360 took a turn towards becoming a very casual platform, it started with things like the Kinect and on-demand movies… and that is actually quiet nice, as I am a bit of a casual gamer myself.

Well, ‘The Verge’ stated that Microsoft are currently testing a version of Internet Explorer 9 to run on the 360 promising Kinect and voice and gesture integration. One of the features include a Bing voice search for media results that is specially tuned to be utilized with the Kinect though the Kinect is not an actual requirement. Microsoft also promised that the internet browser will receive full functionality and that users would be able to browse all parts of the web.

Cool! I exclaimed, but then I started thinking… Internet explorer? Really? Why not Mozilla and Chrome? and then I started thinking about the kinect, now with all the cool things that Microsoft has introduced I personally have always found the Kinect as a device to navigate the Xbox 360 Dashboard unweildy at best, the alternative of using a controller to web browse is even worse!

With that said though, not everyone keeps their laptop and computer next to their Xbox’s like I do, so I can see how this can be a blessing to others just not myself.

WaSaBe’s take on the matter? He is suspecting Google and Mozilla may use this as leverage against Microsoft again.



The Verge


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